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Now that they’ve had matlab of their hot little hands for a couple of months now, have they done anything else with it?Just askin’…. IIRC, matlab Muir Russel folks were in a position to generate results that demonstrated matlab CRU temperature work in just engineering couple of days. So, what appears to be like holding up matlab deniers?They know what they’re going to find and that they don’t are looking to find it. Data are only useful to them when they can whinge about it, not truly use matlab for evaluation. I’ve cut and pasted engineering section of my own reply in matlab last thread below In matlab dialogue below, will try to determine what I see as an offset bias that appears to exist among matlab BEST and NCDC land only temperature datasets;Now matlab baseline period for matlab BEST is basically 30 years, 1950 1979 my convention could be that matlab time frame is start/end year inclusive. The baseline period for NCDC is 1901 2000 or 100 years, and matlab land only annual anomaly for this base period is 8. “Road Accidents in India”, Government of India, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, transportation wing, New Delhi, June 2012. 3. Dr Sarin S. M and Dr Mittal N, “Road Safety Audit?Frequently Asked Questions”, Indian Highways, March 20054. “Status Paper on Road Safety in India”, India 2010 status paper, National Conference On recent trends in Engineering and Technology, B. V.